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Empowering High-Performance Heart-Centered Coaches

Get Ready for a Life-Changing Career
that will Create a Lasting Impact!

You can now maximize your years of experience in business as well as in life to help other Business Leaders grow and make an impact; all while earning revenue and providing for those you love.

  • You can now leverage your business/career/experience to make the next chapter of your life count for eternity.
  • You can now earn a part-time or full-time income that enables you to equip high-capacity entrepreneurs to build successful companies as they prosper personally and professionally.
  • You can now follow a proven and turnkey LF Coaching System, saving you time and money, where everything you need to succeed as a coach is ready for you.
  • You can now mentor and coach the best of the best Business Leaders and entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams.

As an LF Coach, you will mentor and encourage, lend a listening ear, and give sound advice and leadership to Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. You will offer a safe and confidential relationship for fellow LF members to share and grow.

You will utilize your years of business experience to be a leader of leaders who is compensated for playing a rigorous and rewarding role in the lives of Business Leaders.

Shawn is at the forefront of those professionals, helping others move forward and succeed.
Bob Proctor
Star of the movie "The Secret", NY Times Best-selling Author

Industry leaders need your help!


Lion Factor Leadership has over 30 years of experience in coaching, developing, and helping Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs grow their businesses and themselves.

Over the years, Business Leaders have been sounding an increasingly desperate call for heart-centered coaching that allows them a confidential and safe environment to truly transform their businesses for a massive impact. Business Leaders across the country are recognizing a deep-felt need to engage, learn, and create greater success in their businesses and their lives now.

Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs need you

  • They need you to guide, mentor, and lead them through the Lion Factor Coaching System.
  • They need you to encourage them, hold them accountable, and make their focus on a practical and rewarding decision for today and the future.

They need you and are willing to compensate you for your personal mentorship and leadership.

If we were you, we would have questions too!

With your experience and interest in mentoring other business leaders to impact the world, we are sure you have questions. Here are just a few we have heard over the years:

  • Is this a full-time career opportunity or something I can do as a side hustle?
  • What are the fees and income opportunities of being an LF Coach?
  • How do I get business Leaders involved as members?
  • How much time does it take to succeed at this?
  • What is the most difficult part of succeeding as a Coach?

Don't worry, we have answers to all your questions

Our founders have over 20 years of experience as Coaches and business owners who have participated in this program. We have personally seen ups and downs in the lives of Business Members and would love to share our experiences and answer any questions that you may have.

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